Apple is finally on Instagram. The company has launched its official account today and its handle is @apple, unsurprisingly. However, the account is far from your average corporate Instagram account that highlights interesting tidbits about the company. Apple’s official Instagram account is actually not about the company at all. It’s all about the beautiful pictures that people take using the iPhone.


This isn’t Apple’s first foray into the world of Instagram, though. There’s already a dedicated @applemusic Instagram account with more than 2.2 million followers.

This appears to be an extension of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign that highlights pictures taken on iPhones by plastering them on giant billboards across the globe.

You’ll find Shot on iPhone photos on @apple as well. Without showing the iPhone itself, Apple is highlighting the fact that the iPhone’s camera is the best out there for mobile photography. That’s the point which the company is trying to drive home.

It doesn’t look like Apple is going to post photos taken on iPhone by its employees in controlled conditions. There are curators running the account that scour the internet for great images taken with an iPhone.

They then contact the owner and ask if the image can be shared on @apple. With more than a trillion photos being taken on iPhones across the globe annually, great pictures aren’t hard to come by.

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