If you’re a fan of headphones, there’s a good chance that Audio-Technica’s MSR7 is one of the headphones that you have heard about. This is because the MSR7 is a pair of headphones that is widely regarded as being a good performer for what you are paying, but now it looks like the company is upgrading its features.

Audio-Technica has recently announced the MSR7SE, with the “SE” standing for Special Edition. On the surface it seems like nothing has changed in terms of design, except that MSR7SE will be getting a new coat of paint in the form of a blue finish and gold highlights, but according to Audio-Technica, the headphones will come with slightly upgraded audio.

We’re not sure why Audio-Technica has decided to launch the MSR7SE instead of a successor, but basically this model will apparently be packing “specially-tuned” 45mm True Motion drivers with a Diamond-Like Carbon coated diaphragm which debuted with the MSR9 that launched earlier this year.

We can’t speak to whether or not this sounds better or not since we have yet to try it ourselves, but regardless Audio-Technica seems to believe that these upgrades also warrants an increase in price. The MSR7SE will be priced at £299, which is almost double that of the regular MSR7 which is priced around £169, and will be available for purchase this coming October.

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