When you get caught at a red-light traffic camera or a speed camera, how the police know it is you and who to send the ticket to is based on your license plate. However are number plates enough to identify a car? After all if someone wanted to truly evade the law, they can always switch out the plates, right?

However that might soon be an impossible task over in China. In a report from The Sun, it seems that China is working on what is being called a “repression network”, which is really research done by the Peking University that is working towards creating a camera system with “unprecedented accuracy”.

Basically instead of just identifying cars based on number plates, this system will be smart enough where it can identify cars based on things like customized paintings, decorations, and even scratches. This means that changing your number plate won’t be enough to evade this particular system, since scratches are usually not alike.

While it seems that the research is based on identifying cars, it has been suggested that it could also be used to recognize the faces of human beings. The software is said to be in the early stages of development so we doubt it will be debuting anytime soon, but boy does it sound pretty scary.

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