As it stands Google Assistant is only available on devices like the Pixel handsets and Google Home, although there are reports to suggest that it could be finding its way onto Chromebooks as well. However it seems that might not be all the platforms that Google is aiming for, and that soon users could use Google Assistant from the web.

This is according to a recently discovered commit to the Chrome development repo in which it hints that Google Assistant could be made available on the web through the Chrome browser (which we guess isn’t surprising). As Ausdroid points out, the recent stats have shown that Chrome is the most dominant browser at the moment and commands a little over 50% of the market.

This means that by introducing Google Assistant to its Chrome web browser, Google will already have a pretty huge base of users already, kind of like how Apple Music might have gotten such a strong head start as it comes installed on iOS devices by default. It also makes Google Assistant more available to non-Android users, since presumably making it available through Chrome means that using it on Windows and Mac computers is possible.

There is no specific date on when Google Assistant could arrive for the web/Chrome, if at all, but what do you guys think of the feature? Is this something you might be interested in?

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