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With Google, you search for something and you get your results and that’s it. It’s pretty straightforward and that’s also pretty much how most search engines work. However according to 9to5Google, it seems that Google could be trying something new with its mobile search, by displaying search results within search results.

According to the report, this feature was noticed using the Google application on a Pixel phone, in which after clicking one of the links in the main search results page and scrolling to the bottom, a small window popped up (third screenshot to the right) in which Google showed search results based on what other people have clicked in the past.

Note that this is different from suggested search queries, in which Google can sometimes offer users different search queries to help narrow their search in case they can’t find what they’re looking for. Instead this seems to be linking actual websites that users have clicked on in the past, which presumably Google thinks is relevant to what you’re searching for as well.

We’re not sure what the point of this feature is, but it looks like it could be a time saver in the sense that users don’t need to press the back button to go back to their search results, or open multiple tabs. Unfortunately there is no telling if this is expected to become a main feature, especially since Google does conduct tests from time to time.

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