If you’re trying to migrate to another country, the process can be rather complicated and hard to understand at times due to the various requirements, documentation, and legal process that you have to follow. However a Montreal-based law firm by the name of EXEO will be making that process slightly easier thanks to the use of AI.


The company has recently deployed what they are calling its Immigration Virtual Assistant, which as its name suggests will rely on AI to help users navigation the immigration process if they are considering moving to Canada. Users will be able to interact with the bot for free via Facebook Messenger in a Q&A format and ask it various questions.

Of course it won’t actually grant you immigration to Canada, but the idea is that any general inquiries you might have about the process can be answered, after which users can then choose to hire EXEO if they wish to begin the process. According to Marc-André Séguin, a partner at EXEO and co-founder of IVA, “We wanted our expertise to benefit people, whether they are looking to settle down, work, or study in Canada. Our solution was to offer them a tool that simplifies the initial steps of the process.”

The IVA isn’t the first “robot lawyer” of its kind. Prior to this we have seen how AI can be used to help users dispute their traffic tickets or answer legal questions in general. While they aren’t substitutes for actual lawyers, like we said, the convenience and speed can make general inquiries move along faster.

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