While devices like the Nest smart thermostat are cool in the sense that it lets you control it remotely and to schedule your thermostat, it also helps to save on your electricity bills because by being “smart”, it knows when you need it and when you don’t need it, versus older thermostats where it’s either on or off.


It seems that the folks at Netatmo are applying that logic to radiator valves over in the UK where they have launched the Smart Radiator Valves, which we guess in theory is similar to what smart thermostats are trying to achieve, except for radiators. According to the company, they expect that on average it will help reduce energy consumption by as much as 37%.

These smart radiator valves will fit on hot-water radiators and can be controlled on a per-room basis, meaning that users can set them individually, and over time they can be adapted to your needs based on your usage habits. The accompanying app will let users set schedules, like turning on the radiator and setting it to a certain temperature in the morning, and then turning it off for the rest of the day, and so on.

It is even smart enough to know if a window is open so that it will stop heating the room in order to save energy. It is also compatible with HomeKit and Google Home, so whether you want to use an iOS device to control it or use Google Assistant, those are options open to you. The Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves will be available in the UK starting today priced at £69.99 each.

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