In the past few years, we have heard rumors that Apple could be interested in creating a self-driving car of their own codenamed “Project Titan”. However a report late last year suggested that Apple had apparently scrapped that plan, but now a report from the New York Times suggests that it could still be alive.


The report claims that Apple could be planning on repurposing Project Titan, but instead of putting out self-driving cars on the roads, Apple could take the technology and what they’ve developed so far and create self-driving shuttles that will be used to ferry Apple employees from one building to another on Apple’s campus.

Such self-driving shuttles aren’t exactly a new concept as we have seen them used before, but in Apple’s case it is expected that these self-driving shuttles will also provide the Cupertino company a means of testing their technology. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that they are working on autonomous systems, but from what we know so far, Apple is more interested in the tech behind it rather than actually building cars themselves.

Exactly what will result from Apple’s efforts remains to be seen, but Apple’s interest in automotives isn’t exactly new nor is it a secret, what with CarPlay being one of the ways Apple is trying to integrate itself into vehicles.

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