When Google showed off the Google Glass, many were amazed at the possibilities of the headset, although at that time it seemed that Google might have been a bit early to the market and the public just wasn’t ready. However fast forward a few years later, it seems that smart glasses could be catching on.

We’ve seen how Snap’s Spectacles has been launched with great success, and we are also hearing that companies like Apple could be working on something of their own. Now a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via The Verge) is claiming that Amazon could also be interested and are working on a pair of Alexa-powered smart glasses.

While Amazon might be known to many as retailer, the company has dabbled in a variety of gadgets in the past such as smartphones, tablets, and speakers, just to name a few, but if the report is true, these smart glasses could be Amazon’s first attempt at a wearable. The glasses in question is said to have been designed to resemble a regular pair of glasses and will use bone conduction technology which will do away with the need for headphones or speakers.

It will also not come with a screen or camera (which is good news for privacy-advocates), although we’re not sure that without a screen what would be the point, since Alexa-powered headphones could do exactly the same thing. Perhaps there is more to this than what the report let on, but take it with a grain of salt for now.

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