With the launch of the Bixby digital assistant, it also saw Samsung add new hardware buttons to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 handsets. The idea behind the new hardware buttons is that it lets users press it to launch Bixby instantly, and basically acts as a shortcut. However not everyone was on board with the idea.

It wasn’t long before apps were launched that allowed users to remap the button to do something else, but Samsung was quick to block such apps. However the good news is that Samsung appears to have relented somewhat. According to reports, it seems that users now have the option of disabling the Bixby button if they’d rather not use it.

This should help solve a lot of issues with users who might accidentally press the button while doing something else and launching Bixby. The latest update released by Samsung will add a new toggle button that lets users decide if they want Bixby to be launched when the button is pressed.

Samsung is still not allowing users to officially remap the button just yet, but like we said if you’re tired and annoyed of accidentally launching Bixby by pressing the button when you didn’t intend to, then this update could be worth checking out.

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