Have you ever come across ads based on searches you’ve done on the web? For example if you were shopping for an item like a camera and you went around checking prices, and not too long after you start seeing ads for cameras on platforms like Facebook. This is done through tracking, which we guess is more or less to be expected while being online.


However it seems that Facebook could be bringing that tracking to offline stores, where based on your location, Facebook could serve ads based on brick-and-mortar stores that you might have visited offline. This is a feature that Facebook appears to be rolling out to businesses that allows them to target audiences based on locations that they might have been in real-life.

According to Facebook, “For example, a real estate company can automatically show an ad with their latest house listings to people who have called to schedule an open house tour in the last 30 days. Businesses can also create lookalike audiences to find new potential shoppers that share characteristics with their best customers that shop offline.”

We’re sure that this is probably something that not many people might appreciate, and as it stands companies like Apple have built-in blockers into their browsers which prevents cookies from tracking users outside of its website, something that advertising organizations aren’t too happy about.

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