All of us have people in our Facebook networks that we like to remain connected to. However, it’s common for some of those people to fill our News Feeds with photos and posts that we might get tired of after a certain amount of time. Facebook has come up with a solution that prevents us from permanently unfollowing those people but lets us regain some sanity by muting them. In order to do that for 24 hours, one week or a full month, just use Facebook’s Snooze button.


The Snooze button doesn’t just work with friends that you’re connected to on Facebook. It also works on Pages and Groups so if you’ve liked a particular brand that just won’t stop posting, you can mute it temporarily as well.

The Snooze button was spotted by TechCrunch on Facebook’s desktop site today in the United States. Facebook is yet to confirm if it has rolled out Snooze widely or if it’s just running a test at this point in time.

Snoozing a friend, Page or Group is simple enough. Just click on the drop-down arrow in the top right of a post and there you’ll see an option to either “Unfollow or Snooze.” You can also permanently unfollow them, should you so desire.

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