Self-driving cars aren’t new, and while there are many, many companies working on developing the technology, self-driving cars have yet to become commercially available, although we guess the closest thing we’ve got at the moment would be Tesla’s Autopilot mode, which actually feels like a more advanced version of cruise control.

This is due to various legal and regulatory hurdles that needs to be sorted out before driverless cars can be allowed on the road for non-testing purposes, so it remains to be seen who could be the first to bring such vehicles to market. However in a recent blog post on Medium by Kyle Vogt, the CEO and founder of Cruise Automation, a driverless startup that was acquired by GM, it seems that GM could be the first.

The company has recently taken the wraps off what they are calling the world’s first mass-producible car, meaning that this isn’t a concept or an existing car outfitted with sensors for testing, but rather this is a vehicle that could be mass produced like any other car. According to Vogt, “The car we’re unveiling today is actually our 3rd generation self-driving car, but it’s the first that meets the redundancy and safety requirements we believe are necessary to operate without a driver. There’s no other car like this in existence.”

However like we said, there are certain regulatory hurdles that needs to be crossed first before we start seeing these cars being made available to consumers, but in the meantime assuming all goes to plan, GM could really be the first to hit the ground running with self-driving cars.

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