When you use a search engine like Google, you probably already know what you want to look for. However sometimes it can be interesting to see what might is being searched for at the moment, which could be a good and useful way of staying up to date with the trends and finding out the latest news.

The good news is that if you’re an iOS user who uses the Google app for their searches, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has updated its app where it will now be able to display “Trending Searches”. This is a feature that appeared on for the Google app on Android last year, so we guess it has finally arrived for iOS.

How it works is simple: when you tap the search box to start a search, there will be a dropdown menu that will show “Trending Searches” indicated by a blue jagged arrow icon, in which clicking on it will reveal what is being searched for at the moment. This is an opt-out feature meaning that if you don’t like being prompted to look at Trending Searches all the time, you can go into the app’s settings to disable it.

This was one of the main complaints that users had for the Android app last year, which prompted Google to make it an optional feature, and it’s good to see that Google has brought those options over to its iOS app as well. You can get your hands on the latest version of the app via the iTunes App Store.

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