A smart vest for stray dogs has been developed by an advertising agency in Thailand. The idea behind this project is to turn stray dogs into “Watchdogs,” they will essentially be the guardians of Bangkok’s streets and lanes. Since most Thai cities have stray dogs on the streets, the agency behind this idea thought it would be prudent to use their numbers to the community’s advantage.

The idea has been developed by Cheil advertising agency which happens to be a subsidiary of Samsung. Pakornkrit Khantaprap is on the creative team that came up with this idea. He says that “it will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities.”

These smart vests have a hidden video camera and sensors that can live stream video when the dog barks excessively. The camera shows what the dog sees via a mobile phone and app. Cheil started working on this project back in March this year and it took them five months to get everything up and running.

Soi Dog Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving stray dogs and cats across Thailand, has welcomed this initiative. It remains an untested idea for now as Cheil needs to conduct more tests before these dogs donning smart vests can be introduced into communities for trials.

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