DxO, a company that’s usually talked about because of its smartphone camera reviews, launched a small detachable camera for iOS devices two years ago called the DxO One. The camera plugged into the Lightning port and worked just like you’d expect a camera to. It was never launched for Android back then but that’s changing today. DxO is finally launching its detachable smartphone camera for Android devices.


DxO has confirmed today that it’s launching a new model of the DxO One smartphone camera that features a USB Type-C port. What that means is that the camera will be compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet that features a USB Type-C port.

DxO claimed that the camera provides great imaging performance in a compact package. This 20.2 megapixel camera with f/1.9 aperture is also capable of capturing images in RAW format. It includes a touchscreen display for simple and fast control. Measuring 67.5 x 48.85 x 26.25 mm, it weighs just 108g.

It hasn’t revealed a lot of information about the Android model so it’s unclear if there’s going to be anything different about the upcoming camera. It’s also unclear how much it’s going to cost. The original DxO One cost $499.

The company has said that the camera is going to be part of an “Early Access” program but it hasn’t explained what this program is. The company is going to provide more information about the DxO One for Android on November 2nd.

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