One of the perks of owning an iOS device is that when Apple releases an update, everyone can get their hands on it more or less right away. This means that iOS users in general tend to be faster at updating their devices which can be proven in the adoption rate of the platform. According analytics company Mixpanel, iOS 11 is no different.

Based on their findings, it seems that iOS 11’s adoption has managed to hit 38.5% just two weeks after the update was released to the public. This follows an earlier report that revealed that iOS 11 managed 10% in the first 24 hours of its release. However it seems that iOS 11 is lagging behind its predecessors when it comes to adoption rates because iOS 10 back in 2016 managed to hit 48.16% in two weeks, which is almost half of all compatible iOS devices.

It is unclear why the adoption rate of iOS 11 is slower than previous iOS updates, but it has been previously speculated that Apple’s software QA could be to blame, as we’re seeing more instances of initial releases being more buggy than before, causing many users to hold off on updating until much later.

iOS 11 is no exception to this and there have been user reports of the update slowing down apps and more recently causing some pretty bad battery drain. However we expect Apple will address those issues in due time, but for now it appears to be hampering the initial rush to get the latest iOS update.

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