While the Nintendo Switch might not necessarily be the most powerful console available in the market today, it does offer a different gaming experience compared to the likes of the PS4 or the Xbox One. This is thanks to its portable design and also its controllers, which has allowed developers to create games like Monopoly for the Switch.

If you’re looking to play local multiplayer games while on the move, you might have heard that Monopoly was announced for the Switch earlier this year, and the good news is that we finally have a release date which is currently set for the 31st of October where the game will be available for purchase for $40.

We have to admit that $40 does seem a bit steep, but if you think that the game holds quite a bit of appeal then it’s definitely something to look forward to. For those hearing about the game’s launch on the Switch for the first time, it will allow gamers to play with up to 6 players in total at once locally. Alternatively there is also an online mode where you can play with people from all around the world.

It will also offer up different gaming modes where players can choose from the official House Rules, or they can choose from various Special Goals which will allow players to finish the game in a shorter amount of time.

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