Sometimes you see various political ads being posted onto social media websites, and while sometimes the topics raised might be legitimate, it is probably a good idea to question who the ad came from, and what their angle might be. Unfortunately usually these ads aren’t very transparent, but that’s something Twitter wants to change.


The company has recently announced that moving forwards, they will take greater efforts into making ads more transparent. This means that users will be able to tell who these ads came from and who might have paid for them. According to Twitter, “To make it clear when you are seeing or engaging with an electioneering ad, we will now require that electioneering advertisers identify their campaigns as such. We will also change the look and feel of these ads and include a visual political ad indicator.”

Twitter will also disclose how much money has been spent on the ad campaign by the advertiser, which can usually symbolize how keen that party wants to get their message across. In addition to political ads, Twitter will also be addressing issue-based ads. Twitter has announced that these changes will be initially rolled out and applied to the US before making its way to other parts of the world.

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