For the past few quarters, Apple has been consistently reporting a decline in iPhone sales, which we suppose combine that with the market being as mature and saturated as it is today, and the fact that Apple hasn’t really made much innovations for the past 3 generations, shouldn’t really have come as a surprise.


However Apple’s latest quarter appears to be looking good with iPhone sales up, and now it looks like Apple is on track to hitting a $1 trillion market cap. According to MarketWatch, Apple has recently managed to cross the $900 billion market cap during intraday trading, and apparently this makes Apple the first publicly traded US company to have done so.

It seems that investors were particularly happy with Apple’s latest financials, and we should note that the latest financials do not include iPhone X sales, which we expect that come next quarter’s report should help Apple along their way to hitting that coveted $1 trillion market cap. So far carriers appear to be upbeat about the iPhone X’s demand, and reviews are also pretty positive.

While Apple has yet to share the numbers, we have heard that within the first 3 days, anywhere between 9 to 12 million iPhone X handsets were pre-ordered.

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