If you’ve always admired Vespa’s scooters then you can start saving up for a new one because the company has confirmed that it’s going to launch its first electric scooter next year. It has been a year since Vespa’s parent company shared the details about its electric scooter concept. The company has now confirmed that the electric scooter is going to be released in 2018.

Piaggio says that the Vespa Elettrica isn’t just an electric scooter, it’s a “contemporary work of art with a technological heart.”

The Vespa Elettrica is going to have a range of about 62 miles. The mileage will obviously vary depending upon how the scooter is used, that’s true of any battery-powered device.

The scooter’s power unit delivers continuous power of 2 kW and peak power of 4 kW. The company says that it achieves performance superior to a traditional 50cc scooter, particularly in the acceleration department.

It has a lithium-ion battery which doesn’t require maintenance or special precautions. For charging, owners just use the cable in the seat compartment and connect the plug to a normal wall-mounted outlet. The scooter can be fully charged in four hours.

The scooter will be available in a special chrome grey finish with metallic reflections. Vespa Elettrica is going to be distributed throughout the globe next year. Despite revealing so many details about its scooter, Piaggio hasn’t confirmed how much the Vespa Elettrica is going to cost.

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