There are apps out there that help users track their data consumption on their mobile devices. Heck, Google’s Android has the feature built into the operating system, although given that it is buried within the Settings menu, novice Android users might not be able to find it quite as easily, and that’s one of the reasons behind Google’s Datally launch.


The company has recently taken the wraps off a new app for Android called Datally and the idea behind the app is to help users manage their data, ultimately helping them to cut unnecessary data consumption by making them aware of how much data apps are consuming. There is even a feature that halts background data consumption at once, so if you know you’re not going to be using your phone for a while, or just want to cut down on the background processes, you can.

According to Josh Woodward, the product manager overseeing Datally, the idea for the app came when they saw the lengths some people went to conserve data, such as keeping their phones in airplane mode to prevent accidental use, turn it back on when they needed to check things, and then quickly turn it off.

However in this day and age where unlimited data plans are pretty much everywhere, not everyone has the need for such an app, save for those in emerging markets where data might be limited and/or expensive. However if you still don’t mind checking it out, head on over to Google Play for the download.

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