If you’re looking for airfare prices and hotels for your next travel destination, there are quite a few websites and services that you can use, such as Kayak and Orbitz, just to name a few. However it seems that these sites could potentially be in jeopardy as according to a report from Hacker News (via The Verge), Google will soon stop providing these websites with airfare data.

In a post on its QPX Express API website, Google writes that come April 2018, developers will no longer be able to use the API and its services. “The QPX Express API service ends on April 10, 2018. If you have signed up for the service, you can continue to use it through that date.” This means that websites like the ones we mentioned above will have to scramble to find alternatives, although unsurprisingly Google has not bothered to list them down.

However according to The Verge, it has been pointed out that these websites could use Fareportal, Skyscanner, and Skypicker as some potential alternatives. As to why Google has decided to shut off access to the API is unclear, but given that Google seems to be interested in providing similar services of their own, perhaps it’s just Google’s way of trying to whittle down the competition.

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