With Razer launching an Android smartphone catered towards gamers, does this mean that in the future we might be able to expect more specialty phones? We’ve seen phones designed for rugged use, now a phone for gamers, so could a specialty phone designed for video watching be next?


That seems to be what Google could be looking at, or at least that’s according to a Google Survey which asks whether or not customers could be interested in a “YouTube Edition” smartphone. Apparently such a device would be geared towards video watching and could pack specific features that offer better video capabilities than what is available today, such as watching videos from the lockscreen and so on.

However we should note that this does not necessarily guarantee that such a phone is in the works. For all we know Google could simply be trying to get an idea of how people watch videos on their phone, perhaps in a bid to improve YouTube’s mobile experience. We’ve seen niche handsets launched in the past, like Facebook launching a smartphone with a dedicated Facebook button, although admittedly it didn’t exactly take off the way Facebook had hoped.

In any case what do you guys think? Is a YouTube Edition smartphone something you could be interested in?

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