What is the future of mobile security? Will it be iris scanners? Facial recognition systems? Fingerprint scanners? It seems like different companies are trying different things, but it appears that for the most part, Samsung could still be interested in exploring the idea of using fingerprints to authenticate users.

The company was recently granted a patent in which it describes an in-screen fingerprint scanner. So far for the most part, fingerprint sensors have typically sat on the outside of our mobile devices. However the patent that was granted to Samsung has suggested that Samsung has come up with a way to get the scanner embedded in the display itself.

There have been rumors that Samsung has been trying to get an in-screen sensor to work for a while now, but haven’t had much luck. More recent reports are claiming that the upcoming Galaxy S9 could feature such technology, while others are claiming that Samsung could instead be turning to an iris scanner or facial recognition instead.

However even if that was the case, having a patent doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will see the light of day anyway, but it does leave itself open to speculation, but what do you guys think? Could the Galaxy S9 indeed be packing an in-screen fingerprint scanner?

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