Some of the world’s biggest cities are expanding spaces for pedestrians and housing as they want to reduce the amount of space that cars take up. Helsinki-based design firm Casagrande Laboratory has come up with an idea to properly capitalize on former parking spaces. The design firm has created very skinny homes that can fit inside a parking space. They cost $40,000.

It’s no secret that the demand for housing units in major urban areas continues to surge as more people move to the cities. Some of the world’s largest cities have effectively run out of places to construct more housing. It’s not just about housing, it’s about affordable housing, and that’s proving to be a real challenge.

Casagrande Laboratory’s solution involves transforming parking spaces into land that’s utilized for housing. It has designed this super skinny home for precisely this purpose. It measures just 8 feet by 16 feet which is roughly the size of a parking spot.

Casagrande Laboratory calls it the Tikku. These $40,000 homes span three stories and feature a bedroom, an office, and even a greenhouse on the top. There are solar panels for power and the house itself is made of cross-laminated timber. It’s an engineered wood that’s five times lighter than concrete.

The Tikku project was unveiled at the Helsinki Design Week a couple of months back and Casagrande Laboratory wants to build them on actual parking spots if cities permit it.

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