We’ve seen it on TV and movies, where by some kind of movie magic, blurry photos can magically be enhanced to become super sharp and clear. However it seems that something that was once believed to be fiction is now a reality and comes in the form of a website/service called “Let’s Enhance”(via PetaPixel).


Basically the idea behind the service is that it will help to enhance your photos, or to be more specific, it will help enhance your low-res photos into photos that are of a higher resolution, and thus sharper when enlarged. This is thanks to the use of AI and neural networks which is said to help make the enhancements smarter and more realistic.

This is versus using photo editing tools in apps like Photoshop and upscaling, in which depending on the photo and also on your editing skills, may or may not necessarily look ideal. Of course in this day and age where our photos are becoming higher resolution, this service might not necessarily be for everyone.

However if you do have old photos lying around taken by your VGA cameras from back in the day that maybe you’d like it blown up a little bit, then perhaps this could be worth checking out. It appears that for now Let’s Enhance is a free service and all users have to do is sign up for an account to get started.

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