A bug has been discovered in the YouTube app for iOS which is causing excessive battery drain on iPhones and iPads. Quite a lot of people have complained about this bug as YouTube is one app that you’re likely to find on almost everyone’s smartphone or tablet. YouTube has acknowledged that the bug exists and it has promised to roll out a fix soon to prevent its app from causing excessive battery drain on iOS devices.


Many users started complaining about this after their devices were updated to the latest version of iOS. They experienced excessive battery drain. Some reported that the phone overheats more than usual even when they’re just watching a 720p video.

The battery drain rate isn’t the same for all users. One user claimed that their iPhone X drained 20 percent of its battery in just half an hour. That’s not something you’d expect from a brand new flagship device.

Responding to queries from users on Twitter, YouTube has confirmed that this is something that it’s “actively working on.” What this means is that the team will roll out a fix for this bug in the near future.

There’s a temporary solution until the fix is released. Instead of watching YouTube via the app, use YouTube through its web interface by launching it in Safari on any mobile browser of your choice.

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