Recently it was reported that YouTube for iOS had a bug where it seemed to excessively drain the battery on devices that ran the app. YouTube then announced that a fix was incoming which was about two weeks ago, and the good news is that the update is finally here. A report from 9to5Mac has pointed out that the latest update for YouTube on iOS has recently been released.


The update will bump the version of the app up to version 12.45, and the changelog simply reads, “Fixed an issue with battery usage”. It does not mention if the update includes any other fixes or changes, but presumably the update will be focused on the battery draining issue. We’re not sure if the update will indeed address the issues like they are claiming, but if you have noticed that YouTube is draining your iOS device’s battery excessively, then you’ll want to update just to be safe.

For those who hearing about this problem for the first time, some users were reporting that YouTube on iOS 11 was draining battery on their devices excessively, where some claimed that watching a 15 minute video clip could see a drop in battery life by more than 10%, while at the same time causing their device to become noticeably warm.

We haven’t really noticed any issues with YouTube on our iOS 11 devices, so we’re not sure if this affects all users or maybe just some, but either way updating your app probably won’t hurt.

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