When you post something on Facebook, it will show up in your profile and also your News Feed, where people who follow you or who are friends with you on Facebook can see it in their News Feed as well. However it appears that Facebook is testing out a way to allow users to better control where their posts show up.

Spotted by TNW’s Matt Navarra, Facebook is testing a new sharing option where users can select whether their posts show up on their profile and News Feed, or share it only on their News Feed or Facebook Stories and not show up on their profile. This means that if there are things you want to share on Facebook but you don’t want to clutter your profile, that option will let you do that.

In a way this is similar to how people are making use of Instagram’s Stories, where they can choose to use Stories to document their day-to-day activities or things that are interesting, versus posting onto their profile, which some Instagrammers might rather choose to use as a portfolio for their work.

That being said, this appears to be in testing at the moment so it might not be available to all users yet, and it remains to be seen if Facebook plans on releasing it to the masses.

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