It seems that every year, teachers and education officials find something new that they have to ban from schools. Back in the day before mobile phones were so easily accessible, teachers did not have to worry about students texting or playing games in class, but these days parents are starting to equip their children with smartphones.

Unfortunately for these parents, it seems that over in France, the French government has announced plans to ban the use of mobile phones in school. This will apply to students in primary, junior, and middle school. However students will be allowed to bring their phones to school, but will not be allowed to get them out until they leave, and not even during breaks, presumably save for emergencies.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, the French education minister, the ban is expected to come into effect at the start of the next school year, which is September 2018, and like we said is expected to apply to all students up to the age of 15 before they start secondary school. While some schools have instituted bans of their own, this proposal basically makes it applicable throughout the country.

It does seem like a good idea, although how effectively it can be enforced remains to be seen. After all kids do get up to no good from time to time, as much as educators try to prevent it from happening.

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