From time to time, just like many companies probably do, Google experiments with various ideas to see how it could potentially be turned into a product or service. However it isn’t always that Google’s experiments are released to the public, but the company has recently announced a trio of experimental photo apps that users can check out if they’re so inclined.


Dubbed “appsperiments”, these are basically Google’s attempts to creating experimental apps and it sounds like it could be the start of something. The first app released is called Storyboard (Android only) which will transform your videos into a single-page comic layout. The app will select what it considers to be interesting frames and then lay them out, although users can constantly refresh the app to get different layouts or different frames until they find one that they like.

Next up is an app called Selfissimo! (iOS, Android), which according to Google is an “automated selfie photographer that snaps a stylish black and white photo each time you pose”. The idea is that it encourages users to strike up a pose, which is when the app will know it is time to snap the photo, so if you’re alone and don’t have anyone to help you take photos, and the timer function is a bit too unreliable, this could come in handy, although it only captures in black and white.

Last but not least is an app called Scrubbies (iOS only), which as the name implies, lets users scrub through videos and create video loops using their fingers, much like a DJ on a set of turntables. In a way it is similar to Instagram’s Boomerang feature, except that you get to control the portion of the video that you would like looped.

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