A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Instagram was testing out a new feature for its app, where they were inserting recommended posts inside the feeds of its users. Now according to TechCrunch, that feature appears to be rolling out in earnest for users which you should be able to see if you fire up the app.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, basically prior to this, users had to go to the Explore tab in the app in which Instagram will then show photos and videos they think the user might like based on posts that they’ve liked, accounts that they’ve followed, and so on. This feature essentially brings some of those recommendations to the front and into your feed, making it more obvious and easy for users to follow.

Now some users might find that this feature is a little invasive to their Instagram experience, but according to Instagram, they say that the recommended content usually displays after you’ve viewed the posts in your feed, meaning that it shouldn’t interrupt your experience, but it should actually enhance it by giving users more content to explore after they’re done.

Unfortunately there is no way for users to opt out of this feature, although they can temporarily hide it. So far feedback on Twitter seems to suggest that not everyone is too thrilled with this new feature, but whether or not Instagram will take that feedback to heart and does something about it remains to be seen.

Image credit – TechCrunch

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