With Nintendo selling 10 million units of the Switch in less than a year from its release, it seems that the company is well on track to surpassing the Wii U’s lifetime sales within the first year of the Switch’s availability. However it looks like Nintendo is aiming for even greater heights, and are looking to sell as many as 20 million units.


According to a report from Kyoto Shimbun (via Nintendo Everything), Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima is said to have told the publication that the company would like to sell over 20 million units of the Switch in the next fiscal year which will begin in April 2018. Kimishima believes that one of the ways to increase the momentum in sales would be to release games that offer gamers a new way of playing them.

He also stated that the company plans to beef up their DLC offerings as a way of allowing gamers to enjoy their games for longer. In fact this sentiment regarding DLC was revealed during a recent interview with IGN, where Nintendo expressed their belief that DLCs for the Switch are a great fit.

Whether or not the Switch will be able to hit 20 million in sales in the next fiscal year remains to be seen, but there are still quite a few titles that have yet to be released on the console that gamers can look forward to (we’re looking at you, Super Smash Bros.!), so with that in mind, perhaps the Switch does have good enough momentum to keep it going strong.

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