Earlier this year, Microsoft launched an app called Seeing AI that was aimed at those who are visually impaired. What the app does is that it uses your phone’s camera and when you point it at objects or people, through the use of AI it will be able to recognize them and tell the user what it is, which we guess in turn helps the user “see” their surroundings.


Now it looks like Microsoft has recently released an update for the app in which they add a bunch of new features, one of which includes handwriting recognition. This means that you could use the app and point it at a handwritten note and it will be able to tell you what the note says.

In addition to handwriting recognition, the update to the app also introduces color recognition so that users who are visually impaired can tell what colors the app is looking at. There is also currency recognition, which might come in handy when travelling overseas, and also a musical light detector, which can recognize when lights are on.

This can help users to avoid touching a hot bulb, or to let them know if a switch is on (assuming the switch has a light indicator). The update should already be live, so head on over to the iTunes App Store for the download.

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