One of the changes that Apple made in iOS 11 is the introduction of free trials and introductory pricing for subscription-based apps. Prior to this, users who wanted to sign up for a subscription simply did just that, no discounted introductory pricing or a free trial. However that has changed and Apple wants you to know that.


The company has recently started to promote subscription apps with free trials in a new section on the App Store. Basically this new section will highlight apps that are offering its users a free trial to their subscription-based services. The length of the trial will vary from app to app, but it could be worth checking out, especially if there is a particular service you’re looking to try out but aren’t sure if it is worth your time and money.

That being said, Apple has gotten flack from various developers in the past over its cut when it comes to in-app purchases and subscriptions. This is one of the reasons why Amazon pulled comiXology’s in-app purchases from the iOS app, and also why several years ago, Spotify actually urged customers to subscribe through Spotify’s website instead of through the App Store.

Apple has made some changes to the way subscriptions are handled, where if developers can keep customers subscribed for more than a year, the split will go from 30/70 to 15/85.

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