We’ve seen some of the dangers that overheating batteries possess, where in some cases we’ve seen it catch on fire, explode, and so on. This is why it doesn’t really surprise us to learn that over in Zurich, an Apple Store had to be evacuated following the overheating of an iPhone 6s Plus battery.


According to the reports, an Apple Store employee in Zurich was removing the battery from the iPhone 6s Plus where the phone suddenly caught on fire and began emitting huge clouds of smoke. As a result of this, about 50 people (customers and employees) were forced to evacuate the store while police, ambulances, and a fire truck had to be dispatched.

To the Apple Store staffs’ credit, they were said to have reacted calmly and timely and did the right things, such as sprinkling quartz sand over the battery, while opening up the store’s ventilation to have it suck out the smoke (and any poisonous fumes as a result). Thankfully there weren’t any serious injuries, save for the Apple Store employee who handled the iPhone in which they suffered minor burns on their hand, while about 7 people in the store were given medical treatment on site by ambulance staff.

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