Have you ever been to websites with sneaky ads that redirect you to other websites without your knowledge or permission? That can be rather annoying, and potentially dangerous as the redirected website could contain malware or malicious pieces of code. However the good news for Android users is that if you use Chrome, such practices will come to an end.

Google has announced that they have released Chrome 64 for Android and one of the key features of the latest build of Chrome is the blocking of redirecting ads. According to Google, “This release prevents sites with abusive ad experiences from opening new windows or tabs without your permission.”

This means that users who use Chrome on Android should no longer be able to expect websites to suddenly launch new windows or redirect them away from the actual website that they want to visit. Note that this blocking is different from the native ad blocking feature that is also supposed to arrive on Chrome.

Google announced a while back their plans to introduce native ad blocking to Chrome, where only approved ads will be whitelisted. This feature is expected to be officially launched come 15th of February, 2018, but in the meantime the blocking of redirects and popups is also a much welcome feature.

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