We’re sure many of us have experienced situations when our phone’s battery is about to die, and we’re frantically sending off last messages to let people know that you’ll text them back later. Interestingly enough now there exists a chat app called “Die With Me” that’s only usable when your phone has 5% battery and below.

In a report from Motherboard, the app’s creator Dries Depoorter told them, “We wanted to do something positive with a low battery. And now we see people happy with a low battery having low battery conversations. We had so much fun creating this.” Note that the app doesn’t actually do anything to conserve your battery, or is a chat app that uses less battery.

It’s just a fun chat app that lets you chat with other users on its network who have 5% battery or less. All you have to do is enter your nickname of choice and give it permission to read your battery’s status and you’re good to go. It sounds like an interesting idea, but according to Depoorter, it seems that the original idea for the concept was to turn it into a dating app of sorts.

“We had ideas to make a dating app where you can find someone around you with a low battery, and when you meet, the battery [is dead], so you can have a offline real conversation.” The app is available on both iOS and Android, so head on over to either app store if you’d like to download it.

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