Facebook wants to make it easier for its users to find local news and discover local events from authentic and vetted sources. It’s testing a new section in its main app called “Today In.” The section displays a feed that only features local events, announcements, and news. It’s running this test in a handful of markets only in the United States right now.


Facebook is running this test in six cities across the country. They include New Orleans, Little Rock, Billings, Peoria, Olympia, and Binghamton. Those Facebook users who self-identify as living in these cities will be able to access this new section.

They’ll see local information like news stories from local publishers vetted by the company as well as emergency updates from local authorities. The company is going to rely on a mix of humans and machine learning software to populate the Today In section with content.

Facebook has said that all local publishers that are featured in this section will be approved and vetted by its News Partnerships team. It says that this effort is part of its Journalism Project initiative which was launched last year after the debate on fake news reached a fever pitch.

The company reportedly wants to roll out this section to more cities across the country. It will also allow users to follow local cities that they don’t currently live in. Precisely when it’s going to that is not known because Facebook hasn’t made that clear yet.

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