Facebook’s Snapchat Stories clones have proven to be quite popular on Instagram and WhatsApp. It has relentlessly pursued this feature and has even added it to Facebook proper. Even though the feature may not have received as much traction as the company might have wanted on its primary platform initially, it seems to be doubling down on Stories on Facebook by allowing users to upload Stories via the desktop.

The world’s largest social network has confirmed that “We are testing the option to create and share Stories from Facebook on desktop and are also testing moving the Stories tray from the top right corner to above News Feed, just like on mobile.”

This wasn’t possible before. Desktop users could only consume Stories that were created and posted using a mobile device. That will no longer be the case, at least for the small group of users that Facebook is testing this out with. They will also be able to create and upload Facebook Stories via Facebook for desktop.

Users will be able to upload photos or videos from their desktop computers. They can even shoot them with their webcam to post directly from their desktops. Whether or not it will eventually decided to roll out this functionality to all users remains to be seen. Given that it has stuck by this feature on Facebook proper so far, it’s likely that we might see this functionality going live for everyone in the coming months.

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