Google has reportedly acquired a UK-based startup called Redux quietly. The startup worked on technology which transforms surfaces like smartphone displays into speakers. Redux has been working on technology which will eliminate the need for small speakers in mobile devices. This will free up space inside the device for bigger batteries and additional components. At least that’s what Redux mentioned on its website which is no longer available online.

Alphabet-owned Google hasn’t confirmed precisely when it acquired Redux and for how much. However, UK regulatory filings reveal that the shares of Redux holding company NVF Tech LTD. were transferred to the United States last month.

A spokesperson for Google declined to comment on the purchase price for Redux when contacted by Bloomberg. The company has said absolutely nothing about this acquisition.

It’s not hard to see why Google might be interested in this technology. The company is serious about competing in the hardware space, has been for a couple of years ever since it came out with its first-generation Pixel handsets.

Redux’s technology isn’t just limited to transforming phone displays into speakers. It can also be used to create haptic feedback which recreates the sense of touch on a surface like a display.

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