You may have noticed a new viral selfie trend on social networks these days as people are putting up pictures of themselves alongside their potential artistic doppelgänger from hundreds of years ago. This viral selfie trend is actually being driven by a Google app called Google Arts & Culture. The app was not intended for this purpose initially but a recent update has caused its popularity to skyrocket.

Google’s Arts & Culture app isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination. This educational app has been out for more than two years. It lets users discover collections curated by experts from the most famous museums and it hosts stories in thousands of pictures, videos, manuscripts, and artworks.

Google released an update for this app recently which added the company’s face-recognition technology. The feature lets users take a selfie and find out if there’s a portrait of them in a museum in some part of the world. The face recognition filters through thousands of artworks to surface doppergänger. It has been quite accurate in some cases.

The amusing feature has made this app popular very quickly it’s now the top free app on both the Android and iOS charts. It’s available for download right away for Android and iOS devices. The feature may not be available in all regions and markets though so bear that in mind.

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