HQ Trivia is a live trivia game app from Intermedia Labs that has become quite popular recently. The app was initially released for iOS only but landed in time for New Year’s Eve on Android. It’s now possible to download HQ Trivia for Android from the Google Play Store. There is one caveat, though. A beta version of the app has been released right now so it’s not without its glitches.


HQ Trivia has become very popular in the past few months. It lets players compete in a live trivia contest every single day at 3PM and 9PM ET. There’s real money at stake as players have to answer 12 multiple choice questions to win.

They have ten seconds to answer every question which makes it a bit difficult to cheat by way of Google. Players get knocked out of the game if they answer even one question incorrectly.

HQ Trivia for Android is now available from the Early Access section of the Google Play Store. The app is in beta right now and the product page itself mentions that it’s potentially unstable. Users should expect to encounter glitches but they should be ironed out soon.

It hasn’t been confirmed as yet when a stable and more polished version of the app is going to be released for Android. As the game’s popularity continues to increase, it may not be long before the stable version of the Android app arrives.

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