Having a social media account as a business is a valuable tool in one’s arsenal. This allows businesses to reach out to their customers on a wider scale, promote products, announcement promotions, events, and so on. In some ways it can be more effective than traditional advertisements.

Now it looks like Facebook is giving businesses on Instagram a new tool that they can use, which comes in the form of scheduled posts (via TechCrunch). As it stands Facebook allows Pages to schedule posts for a certain time and date, but that feature has never been available on Instagram until now.

We suppose the closest thing Instagram got to scheduled posts came in the form of Drafts, which allowed users to create a post without posting it and saving it for later, although admittedly that doesn’t really feel the same. However oddly enough this particular feature isn’t baked into the Instagram app directly, but rather it comes in the form of an API that third-party apps can use.

Facebook claims that this API is open to all of the company’s marketing partners, with Hootsuite being one of the first partners to take advantage of this. We’re not sure if there are plans to eventually bake the feature into the app, but until then it looks like only larger organizations will be able to fully take advantage of this.

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