We’ve all been on the receiving end of chain message spam on WhatsApp. These ridiculous messages tend to get a lot of traction as some users foolishly believe that simply forwarding a message will enable them to continue using WhatsApp for free or whatever the incentive the message might be promising them in exchange of being forwarded. It appears that WhatsApp might start notifying users of chain message spam.

In a bid to clamp down on viral fake messages spreading on its platform, the company may display notification messages in the app to warn users that they’re being asked to forward a message that’s potentially spam. The notice will let users know that the message “has been forwarded many times.”

WhatsApp is also going to show a similar warning on a frequently forwarded message when it’s received. Reports suggest that the company is still developing this feature and it’s unclear if and when the Facebook-owned service will roll it out for all users.

It’s good that WhatsApp appears to be taking steps to ensure that the speed at which viral fake messages spread throughout its platform is clamped down. Whether or not it proves to be effective remains to be seen.

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