Due to the fact that Apple’s computers are all shipped with Apple’s own operating system, it is understandable that it might not necessarily appeal to all users, especially those who are used to Microsoft’s Windows ecosystem. This is why generally speaking, Apple’s market share for computers tends to be smaller than others.

However it looks like that could be changing in the notebook scene, at least according to the latest report from TrendForce (via AppleInsider) in which it seems that Apple has overtaken ASUS in the notebook market and has become the fourth largest notebook brand in the world. The swapping of positions is the only swap that TrendForce has seen based on the top six notebook brands.

Back in 2016, ASUS was in fourth place and commanded a market share of about 10.3%, whereas Apple had a market share of 8.3%. This changed in 2017 where ASUS saw their market share fall to 9.5%, and Apple saw theirs rise to 9.6%. TrendForce is also predicting that Apple will continue to experience a rise in market share, and could hit 10.4% in 2018 while ASUS will see slight improvements at 9.8%.

That being said, Apple is still a long way off from some of the competition, namely HP and Lenovo who command over 20% of the market each, although there is a chance Apple could eventually catch up to Dell who is hovering around the 15% mark.

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