If you enjoy racing sports such as Formula 1, then you might be interested to learn that the organization has recently launched its own streaming platform called F1 TV. As the name suggests, this will allow users to watch live streams of F1 races and will also gain other features that you wouldn’t normally be able to expect from watching it on regular TV.

Speaking to Reuters, Frank Arthofer, Formula 1’s head of digital said, “You can go head-to-head with Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel as they battle for second place – and actually go side-by-side and look at the view from each of their cars.” Of course this won’t be a free streaming platform and for those who are interested in subscribing, it will be priced at around $8-$12 with an annual deal priced at around $100, although pricing is expected to vary from market to market (presumably due to conversion rates and standard of living).


Also as it stands, it seems that F1 TV will only be available on desktops and web browsers, so if you were hoping to see it available for mobile, you’ll have to wait. Also versions for TV apps such as Amazon are also expected to come at a later date, but it will be worth keeping an eye out for if F1 races are something you enjoy watching. According to Arthofer, he expects that F1 TV could bring in as much as $100 million in revenue on a five-year timeframe.

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