Since we’re all shaped differently, a chair that’s comfortable to someone might not feel comfortable to another person. Sure, you could have custom made furniture, but that will be an incredibly expensive thing to do, unless of course you choose to build it yourself. But what if you have no experience in carpentry?

Thanks to the folks at MIT’s CSAIL, they have created a robot carpenter that will build custom furniture for you. All users have to do is customize ready-made furniture templates and once you’re done, the robot will cut the parts out for you. You will still have to do the assembly yourself, but we reckon that will probably be a much easier job than trying to hack your way around a piece of wood, especially if you have zero experience with these sorts of things.

For now MIT’s AutoSaw system is still very “basic” in the sense that it is limited to household objects such as chairs, desks, and tables, but the hope is that eventually it could be adapted to larger projects, and possibly be used for more complex tasks like drilling and even gluing. Considering that there are robots that can lay bricks faster than humans, we suppose a robot carpenter doesn’t sound completely out of the question.

For those who are interested in seeing the AutoSaw in action, check out MIT CSAIL’s video above.

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