With Apple’s iPhones becoming more expensive with every release, it is not surprising that many are on a hunt to get an iPhone for as cheap as possible. This is why it was not surprising that when Malaysian Apple retailer Switch announced a clearance event that offered massive, massive discounts on the iPhone, many customers showed up .


However it seems that the retailer did not expect 11,000 people to show up to its event, in which they were offering iPhone 5s units from as low as $50 and iPads as cheap as $77. However what many did not realize was that the retailer only had a handful of these units for sale, which we guess isn’t surprising was these are older products that are on clearance. This resulted in the retailer being forced to cancel the sale.

This is because of the danger that such a huge crowd presented, which as you can see from the photo was pretty insane with hundreds of customers crowding the entire mall, with the line even snaking outside. In a post on its Facebook page, they write, “We are truly sorry for the Demo Clearance Event yesterday. We did not expect the magnitude. We were overwhelmed by the 11,000 turned up.”

They add, “We sincerely would like to thank our customers who came from other states, woke up early, stayed up all night, brave the traffic and temperature at night, and trying your best to stay in line at our clearance event. This has been a learning curve for us and we promise we will do much much better. We thank you for your support.”

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